Hurricane Dorian 

Before the Storm

Prepare for the storm using our Hurricane Planning Guide which contains all the information you need to prepare for the storm:

  • Review your policy
  • Prepare your family and pets
  • Protect your home  
  • Update your home inventory
  • Secure vehicles and boats
  • Have an evacuation plan
  • Put together your hurricane kit

After the Storm

Call us first for Hurricane Dorian Claims and construction repair. Heritage and Contractor’s Alliance Network have hundreds of workers and preferred vendor partners ready to immediately respond to hurricane Dorian!  Our crews are standing by to tarp your roof, remove trees on your home, clean up water and board-up windows or doors.  Do not be fooled into signing paperwork from anyone company not listed as a preferred vendor on our website. Non-approved vendors will ask you to sign a form titled “Assignment of Benefits” – do not sign it. If you sign a non-authorized Assignment of Benefits you may no longer have the right to receive any insurance payments from Heritage. This could delay, reduce and possibly result in the denial of a claim settlement. All policyholders should call us as soon as possible after they and their family are safe. Refer to our Claims Page for more information.


Residential property policyholders:

Our Claims Department is available at (855) 415-7120, option 1 for policyholders who need to report a claim on their residence as a result of Hurricane Dorian. 


Commercial property policyholders:

Call (855) 439-4719 to report a claim for your commercial property.


If you have already reported your claim and need emergency service repairs such as roof tarping, water mitigation, boarding of windows, etc. please fill out our dispatching form and we will dispatch a repair team to your house.

What is an Assignment of Benefits?

An Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is a contract between you and a third party – typically a contractor, roofer or water mitigation company – giving them the right to deal directly with Heritage and receive payment for your claim.  When you sign an AOB, you give up your right to manage your claim and ensure it is resolved to your complete satisfaction. 

In 2019, the Florida Legislature passed common sense reforms aimed at bringing balance to the AOB process. As a result of these reforms, AOB vendors must adhere to certain legal requirements to receive payment for your claim. In addition, policyholders have been given the right to cancel an assignment agreement under certain circumstances and take back control of their claim. 

Policyholders, vendors and legal representatives can submit AOB-related documents electronically or by mail. Refer to our Claims Page for more information on reporting a claim and submitting documents.

Assignment of Benefits