Heritage Approved to Provide NC Homeowners Insurance

NC Homeowners InsuranceEarlier this month, Heritage Property & Casualty was approved by the North Carolina Department of Insurance to write property and casualty insurance within that state. The Clearwater, Florida based company is now authorized to provide NC homeowners insurance and soon will expand into additional states. As Heritage expands into new coastal markets, this means the community of homeowners who trust Heritage Insurance to guard their peace of mind continues to grow up and down the eastern seaboard. Here are the details of the expansion, and what it means for residents of both new and existing markets.

What does this mean for North Carolinians?

Residents of North Carolina will now have more available homeowners insurance options. Current and prospective homeowners throughout the state will be able to rely on Heritage’s experience in the industry and take advantage of its competitive policies. The company will expand its network of hardworking agents in order to provide NC homeowners insurance across the state.

Florida residents who own insurance policies through Heritage can continue to expect great service and rapid responses to any and all claims. Heritage continues to uphold its core values, helping homeowners and communities in its home state while bringing its services to new and diverse markets.

Are there further plans to expand?

Yes. Expanding to North Carolina is part of a larger expansion initiative. Right now, Heritage is in talks with regulatory authorities in multiple states. Although the move to North Carolina is a major milestone, it’s only the first step in the company’s plans to bring quality insurance to more homeowners across America. Bruce Lucas, Heritage Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, says that the move is part of a “multi-state expansion” effort that will increase the scope of the company’s operations. So far, in addition to North Carolina Heritage has submitted applications to provide insurance to South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Although Heritage Insurance already writes over $500 million of personal and commercial residential premium, this expansion through the offering of NC homeowners insurance means that number will steadily increase as its market share grows. Heritage looks forward to meeting the needs of policyholders in new markets as it embarks on this exciting growth phase. Read about Heritage P&C and its future plans here.

What is property & casualty insurance?

Property & casualty insurance protects the person who owns it from damage to property and protects the policyholder from legal liability that results from injury or damage to others’ property. A homeowner’s insurance policy generally covers the home and the personal property within it, as well as providing some liability protection. Often a mortgage lender will stipulate a certain amount of insurance coverage, but it is advisable to maintain sufficient coverage even after the home is paid off. Heritage is committed to serving our policyholders and the communities they live in, both old and new. Visit our website at heritagepci.com to learn more about our policies and plans for the future.