Heritage Goes the Extra Mile for Hurricane Florence Response

Hurricane Florence made landfall near Wilmington, North Carolina on September 14, 2018 as a Category 1 storm.  Fifty years from now, people will struggle to understand how this storm could have caused so much destruction and loss of life.  Despite its low category, Florence moved slowly creating a lengthy period of danger and carrying winds capable of snapping trees and peeling roofs off of homes up and down the eastern seaboard.

Heritage Arrives before the Storm

Contractors Alliance NetworkAs people evacuated out of areas along the coastline ahead of the storm, they may have found themselves passing a convoy of 16 trucks carrying dozens of Heritage claims adjusters and contractors, part of Heritage’s innovative CAN (Contractors Alliance Network) program, making their way closer to the areas they had just left – the towns and cities where the storm impact was expected to be most severe.  This effort ensured Heritage would already be in place to serve our policyholders’ needs immediately after the effects of the storm had passed.


Heritage’s Contractor Alliance Network in Action

Having our Contractors Alliance Network already in the area meant that tarps, water mitigation, and other emergency repairs for Heritage policyholders could occur in a timely manner, often much sooner than would normally be expected.  Our Contractors Alliance Network pre-qualifies the best mitigation specialists and general contractors who provide unparalleled service and an extended three-year warranty free of charge. These trusted, licensed contractors use the most effective mitigation and restoration techniques to prevent further damage until permanent repairs can be made.

Heritage service professionals Heritage professional mitigation
Heritage Mitigation Specialists


Our customers have been loyal to us based on a promise to deliver a service in their time of need. At Heritage we take that seriously and will exhaust every resource available to deliver on that promise and bring our customers lives back to their pre-loss condition.

-Chuck Messina, Regional Managing Director of Emergency Services 

Representing Heritage at the NCDI Insurance Villages

Immediately following the storm, Heritage was also proudly represented at the Insurance Villages in Fayetteville, NC and Kinston, NC. These Insurance Villages were set up by the NDIC (North Carolina Department of Insurance) and allowed Heritage policyholders the ability to connect with Heritage employees in person to answer any questions about the claims process.

Heritage Service from Start to Finish

As Florence fades into memory for those outside of the impact area, Heritage will ensure policyholders affected by the storm will be well-cared for during the claims process.  Rafael Mazella has been racking up the 5 Star Google reviews due to his stellar service after the storm. As a restoration specialists who was part of our convoy to North Carolina for Hurricane Florence, he’s been helping folks with their emergency repairs and restoration, and representing Heritage well!