California Homeowners Need an Insurance Company They Can Trust

Homeowners in California just want to find a provider they can trust to cover them in an emergency. 

Exposed to various climate and extreme perils, California faces danger from natural disasters like earthquakes and fires nearly every year. These events can turn your life upside down in a moment. This is where a definitive homeowners insurance policy can provide you with the peace of mind only a company like Heritage can provide. Policies offered by Heritage Property and Casualty Company are comprehensive and affordable. Unfortunately, it is not until you have an emergency that you appreciate the real value of their services.

Founded on pillars of strength and character, Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance will give you the peace of mind that your needs will be met during an incident. Our goal is to help homeowners from San Diego to San Francisco feel at ease with their most valuable asset, their home.


Personal Liability Coverage and Medical Payments to Others

Homeowners Insurance (HO3) Personal liability coverage Personal liability insurance provides coverage toward property damage and bodily injury to others, for which you are legally responsible. If a guest in your home is injured from a fall or other mishap, you will be obligated to provide compensation. You may also be held responsible for accidents that happen away from your property which are caused by you or family members who live with you. Personal liability covers legal defense funds and damages if you are sued up to the limit of liability as well as any necessary medical payments. What could seem like a harmless accident might cost you more than you’d imagine, so having personal liability coverage is essential.

Loss of Use of your Home during a Claim

Homeowners Insurance (HO3) Additional Living Expense (ALE) Loss of use coverage, often referred to as Additional Living Expense (ALE), is essential when you need to find alternative living arrangements while your home is being repaired after a natural disaster or other peril. This coverage provides meal and living expenses while you’re displaced from your insured home.  Damage from fire and earthquakes are just a few of the types of claims allowed under the ALE policy. Storage fees, moving costs, and even loss of income due to misplaced tenants may also be covered. This essential policy provides for the peace of mind you need after experiencing loss during a weather event or other disaster by ensuring you and your family will have food and lodging during the length of time it takes to repair your home.

Personal Property and Valuables

Homeowners Insurance (HO3) Insurance Coverage for Other Structures Personal Property coverage allows for the Actual Cash Value payment for clothing, household furnishings, and other personal property up to specified limits in the event of a covered disaster such as fire or an earthquake. It’s sometimes surprising to policy holders when they add up the value of the items in their home.  This value can be easily underestimated.  A careful inventory of your belongings is essential when you add this coverage to your policy and even more important when filing a claim. Take extra care to document your high value items, and be sure to note changes in your home inventory on a regular basis. Heritage also offers additional coverage options such as increased limits on jewelry, instruments, and fine art, as well as a replacement cost option on personal property.

Insurance Coverage for Other Structures

Your Heritage homeowners insurance policy (H03) also provides coverage for other structures on your California property such as a free-standing garage or garden shed. Virtually any item, including a patio or retaining wall, could be eligible for coverage, as replacing these items could create a significant expense. Additional coverage can be added for more expensive structures such as a pool house.


Always Contact your Heritage California Insurance Agent

Your insurance agent will help you determine the levels of coverage that are right for you, or contact us to learn more about our CA homeowners insurance (HO3) policy. We can also help you determine the estimated cost to replace your cherished valuables and other contents of your home. When disaster strikes, we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll provide you with the information you need to create your claim and seek assistance for your family. Our claims group is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will process your claim in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 

This information is provided to you as an overview of our products and services. Consult your California insurance agent to understand all of the provisions, limitations, and exclusions that are part of a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

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