Florida Homeowners are Looking for a Dependable Insurance Company

The Florida home insurance market has been quite turbulent in recent years, with insurance companies moving out of the market and dropping coverage, and state run agencies like Citizens reducing coverage left and right. It is not unreasonable to expect that homeowners just want to find a business they can trust for the long-term, and to know that someone will help them in the event of a major disaster. That is why Heritage Property and Casualty Insurance operates on pillars of strength and character, ensuring that Florida residents will feel at ease when trusting them with their most valuable asset.

Florida, with its ever changing meteorological climate, faces danger from natural disasters and the property damage that can come with these events. Florida residents know that your life can be turned completely upside down in a moment’s notice. This uncertainty is where homeowners insurance comes in: to give you the peace of mind only a company like Heritage and its Platinum Preferred Savings program can. Unfortunately, it is not until you have an emergency do you appreciate the actual value of Heritage Insurance.


Homeowners Insurance Includes Personal Liability Protection

Homeowners Insurance (HO3) Personal liability coverage Personal liability insurance provides coverage for you, your home, and your guests in the event of an accident or bodily injury. Legally, you are the responsible party for damages and medical payments if a guest in your home is injured, regardless of the accidental nature of the event. You may also be held liable for accidents that happen away from your property if your family is the cause, or if family members who live with you are responsible for the incident. Personal liability protection covers legal defense costs and damages if you are sued, as well as applicable medical payments. Always check with your agent to discuss the limits of your liability before something happens.

Loss of Use of your Home while it is Repaired during a Claim

Homeowners Insurance (HO3) Additional Living Expense (ALE) Loss of use coverage, often referred to as Additional Living Expense (ALE), provides living expenses while your home is repaired after being damaged by a fire, windstorm, or another covered disaster. Hotel expenses, coverage for meals, and even loss of income due to a displaced tenant are all items covered under an additional living expense policy. Other costs such as moving expenses and storage fees may also be included. This coverage will meet your basic needs for the duration of the repairs, and gives you one less thing to worry about while taking care of your home.

Coverage for Personal Property and Valuables

Homeowners Insurance (HO3) Insurance Coverage for Other Structures Coverage for your personal property allows for Actual Cash Value reimbursement in the event of theft or natural disasters, including damage from fire or lightning. Replacing your valuables is more costly than it seems, making this type of insurance crucial. To get the most accurate coverage possible, it is best to take an inventory including pictures of all the valuable items in your home. Be sure to check with your agent regarding your higher priced items, as we offer additional coverage options for valuables that go beyond the default limits for jewelry, musical instruments, and fine art.

Insurance Coverage for Other Structures

Your Heritage homeowners insurance policy (H03) provides additional coverage for other structures on your property that, if damaged, would be expensive to replace. Items including barns, sheds, or even patios can all be covered under your policy. Additional coverage is also available for more complex structures like a pool house or guest house.


Always Contact your Florida Homeowners Insurance Agent

Contact your insurance agent to determine the levels of coverage that are right for you and to learn more about our Florida homeowners insurance (HO3) policy. Your home is often your most valuable asset, and your agent can help you determine the estimated cost to replace your home and its contents should disaster strike. We aim to provide you with the information you need to secure a policy that’s right for you and your family. Should an incident occur, we want you to have peace of mind that your home and its valuables will be cared for. If you should need to report a claim, we will be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to process your Florida insurance claim quickly and efficiently.

This information is provided to you as an overview of our products and services. Consult your insurance agent to understand all of the provisions, limitations, and exclusions that are part of a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

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